Estimated Salary

Estimated Salary $211,250
Electorate Allowance $32,000

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Properties, Shares and Trusts

Residential Properties 1
Investment Properties 3
Has Shares No
Has Trusts Yes
Owns a property in Canberra and claims parliamentary travel allowance Yes
Amount claimed in 2019 $3,168.00

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Recent Expenses

Period Expenses
2019 Expenses $108,234.07
2018 Expenses $504,524.72
2017 Expenses $453,314.21
2016 Expenses $244,366.25

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Recent Interest Declarations

Category Held by Details Updated
Gifts Self

Attendance at Shen Yun Chinese culture performance - 9 February 2019

Gifts Self

Gift from NK Foundation - Yonex Ezone 98 blue tennis racquet no strings (valued online at $299.95). A kind gesture though ironic as I can't play tennis to save myself

Travel Self

Certain costs in relation to an INPEX operations tour - Perth, Broome and Darwin, October 2018. INPEX paid for some ground and related transport, and some meal costs

Travel Self

Australia China Youth Business Council - Attendance tickets to 2018 Golden Wattle Awards Sydney and networking event (Awards adjudicator and speaker at ceremony) and hotel accommodation, Primus Hotel Sydney (Friday 19 October 2018)

Real Estate Self

Kingston, ACT

52% share: 2 bedroom apartment


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