Kevin Andrews

Menzies, Victoria

Liberal Party of Australia

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Estimated Salary

Position(s) Chair of Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Chair of a Joint Statutory Committee or Joint Standing Committee, Not Otherwise Specified ($23,240)
Estimated Salary $211,250
Committee Salary $23,240
Electorate Allowance $32,000

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Properties, Shares and Trusts

Investment Properties 3
Has Shares No
Has Trusts No
Owns a property in Canberra and claims parliamentary travel allowance No

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Recent Expenses

Period Expenses
2019 Expenses $106,512.73
2018 Expenses $476,270.42
2017 Expenses $435,204.08
2016 Expenses $421,823.56

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Recent Interest Declarations

Category Held by Details Updated
Travel Self/Spouse

My Wife and I attended an AFL game as a guest of Dansu

Travel Self/Spouse

My Wife and I were hosted on the final stage of the Tour Down Under by Events SA

Gifts Self

Central Tibetan Administration - I received a number of small gifts

Gifts Self

As a member of Riders on the Hill, I have been given a kit of cycling clothing and accessories by the Cycling promotion fund

Travel Self

I travelled to India as Guest of the Central Tibetan Administration


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