Matt Keogh

Burt, Western Australia

Australian Labor Party

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Estimated Salary

Estimated Salary $211,250
Electorate Allowance $32,000

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Properties, Shares and Trusts

Has Shares No
Has Trusts Yes
Owns a property in Canberra and claims parliamentary travel allowance No

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Recent Expenses

Period Expenses
2019 Expenses $105,086.44
2018 Expenses $548,174.04
2017 Expenses $448,609.89
2016 Expenses $252,575.61

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Recent Interest Declarations

Category Held by Details Updated
Gifts Self

1 x Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2007 - received from Qantas - value $330 - gifted to Artist Retail Collective Inc Armadale for their fundraising efforts

Gifts Self/Spouse

Ticket to Hopman Cup Final in Premium Suite, RAC Arena, on Saturday, 5 Jan 2019 from RAC. Value unknown

Memberships Self

Appointed Honorary Fellow of the Australian Digital Commerce Association

Directorships Spouse

TEDxPerth Inc Board Member

Gifts Self/Spouse

Complimentary ticket to the Canberra Press Gallery Mid-Winter Ball on 12 September 2018 from Macquarie Bank. Value: $175


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