Rowan Ramsey

Grey, South Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

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Estimated Salary

Base Salary $211,250
Position(s) Government Whip
Chair of Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library

Whip in the House of Representatives of a Government Party With More Than 10 Members in the House ($27,470)

Chair of a Joint Statutory Committee or Joint Standing Committee, Not Otherwise Specified ($23,240)
Estimated Salary $238,720
Committee Salary $23,240
Electorate Allowance $46,000

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Properties, Shares and Trusts

Investment Properties 4
Has Shares Yes
Has Trusts Yes
Owns a property in Canberra and claims parliamentary travel allowance No

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Recent Expenses

Period Expenses
2019 Expenses $120,210.65
2018 Expenses $671,541.89
2017 Expenses $599,300.65
2016 Expenses $558,099.06

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Recent Interest Declarations

Category Held by Details Updated
Travel Self

Hospitality at Stage 6 Tour Down Under courtesy of Santos

Accounts Self

Term deposit

Bank SA

Travel Self

Committee visit; bus to & flight over Snowy Hydro site courtesy of Snowy Hydro 9/1

Travel Self

Flight Adelaide to Moomba provided by Santos

Travel Self

1 x Ticket & Hospitality - Courtesy of Santos - AFL qualifying Final 7/9/2017


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