Trent Zimmerman

North Sydney, New South Wales

Liberal Party of Australia

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Estimated Salary

Estimated Salary $211,250
Electorate Allowance $32,000

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Properties, Shares and Trusts

Has Shares No
Has Trusts No
Owns a property in Canberra and claims parliamentary travel allowance No

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Recent Expenses

Period Expenses
2019 Expenses $191,454.50
2018 Expenses $645,761.85
2017 Expenses $580,443.23
2016 Expenses $551,290.28

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Recent Interest Declarations

Category Held by Details Updated
Gifts Self

Sydney Festival - double tickets to three events during January Sydney Festival

Gifts Self

Tickets to Taylor Swift concert - ANZ Stadium, Sydney - 2 November 2018 - Tabcorp Holdings Ltd

Travel Self

2 seats at Press Gallery Mid-Winter Ball - Lion Australia - 12 September 2018

Travel Self/Spouse

Travel to Israel as part of innovation and technology delegation hosted by ACS (Australian Computer Society). Sponsored travel for my partner and I including airfares, in-country meals and transport and most accommodation costs. 25 August 2018 - 4 September 2018

Travel Self

Sponsored travel provided by the Australia Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) for study tour to Israel. Expenses covered by AIJAC included airfares, internal travel costs, accommodation and other in-country costs. 28 April 2018 to 5 May 2018


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